Zoo der Zaubertiere - Kleine Giraffe in großer Gefahr

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With animals, magic and a lot of excitement, first reading becomes an adventure here: Lion Erik hears steps in the zoo one evening. Together with his three friends, he unraveled the mystery: the door of the giraffe enclosure is open and the baby giraffe is gone! Where did it go? With the help of Erik's good hearing, the friends start the Lausch-Schnitzel hunt ... Precisely tailored to the reading ability of first and second graders through the right font, line length and choice of words, the first reading is practiced perfectly here. Information and question boxes expand knowledge and encourage further thinking. With "reading hunt through the zoo" for a playful check of reading comprehension and a competition in every book. The optimal combination: competence of Velcro for learning to read, magical stories for lots of reading fun!



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