Zombert und der mutige Angsthase

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"The lonely and deserted urural cemetery lies on the outskirts of the city. No one dares to trust it." Because it is haunted there.at least, that's what "people say." But Konrad has to pass a test of courage at exactly this place. Because the big boys from his street usually think of him as a scaredy rabbit. So, despite the danger, he goes to the cemetery. It doesn't take long for him to actually meet Zombert. A real zombie! Fortunately, it quickly turns out that Zombert - except for his removable limbs - is not that scary and scary at all. So that the two quickly make friends. Together Konrad and Zombert go on a discovery tour of the cemetery with his dog Waldi and the bright parrot Plapperkai. They spit cherry stones, see empty graves and pay a visit to the old cemetery attendant Ignaz and show the boys from Konrads Straße who the rabbits are



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