Vorstadtkrokodile 2

Vorstadtkrokodile 2

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The suburban crocodiles are taking off - the continuation of the classic as a book for the film Summer, First Love and a New Headquarters - the holidays are getting off to a great start for the crocodiles. But then a catastrophe looms: The company of Ollis and Maria's parents is about to go bankrupt! The end for the suburban crocodiles threatens, because if the siblings have to move away, there will be no more ties for the others either. But the crocodiles don't give up that quickly, because something is wrong with the sudden bankruptcy! With daring chases, risky shading actions and cool undercover operations, they promptly track down dodgy machinations ... The book to the film tells the rapid continuation of the suburban crocodiles, which race through the new adventure at full throttle! Of friendship, trust, courage and first Love - exciting and touching at the same time



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