Sams im Glück

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Wonderful point: the most cuddly Sams ever! What would the Taschenbier family be without the Sams? The proboscis-like creature has grown dear to Mr. Taschenbier like a child of his own. But one day the Sams is gone. To his own horror, after 15 years, 15 days and 5 minutes, he has to go back to the Sams world, otherwise the person with whom he lives would become a Sams himself. The first signs are already with Mr. Taschenbier Will he really become a Sams? And does the real Sams have to leave his papa? A miraculous tear leads to a surprising solution ... Rapid, turbulent and full of ideas - one of the strongest stories from Sams! For the first time with colored interior illustrations.



Weight: 410 g

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