Schneeballschlacht und Wichtelstreiche

Petronella Apfelmus - Schneeballschlacht und Wichtelstreiche

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While Lea and Luis are longingly waiting for the first snow, Petronella is busy whipping up her apple. Your sisters, the weather witches, come to visit. In all the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, nobody notices the strange guest who is nestling in the mill. Santa Claus unceremoniously abandoned the cheeky pixie on the last test drive. Now he's causing a stir in the miller's house. At first no one suspects who is behind the pranks. Everyone suspects each other and trouble is inevitable! Fortunately, Petronella finds out who's up to mischief in good time and can prevent even worse chaos. At the end there is still a wonderful Christmas party - including snow. Thanks to three weather witches!



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