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Bee, monkey or crocodile - who wouldn't like to turn into their own favorite animal for a day? In loving rhymes and colorful, detailed illustrations, Laura Leuck and Marc Boutavant take young and old readers on a wonderful journey.  Every page inspires you to guess which animal will follow next. And in the end there is a wonderfully calm and important message. It is fun to slip into someone else's skin in your imagination. - But it is still best to be yourself! by the multiple youth literature prize winner Nadia Budde ("One two, three, tier"; "Choose something, but hurry up!") From the very beginning, the books by the French illustrator and author Marc Boutavant have been a central part of the children's reproductive program , Whether opulent as in "The Great Journey of Little Mouk" or lively as in "Ariol", Marc Boutavant's worlds of images combine adventure and everyday life in an unrivaled way and often leave the genre boundaries behind. Reason enough to do this and publish two picture books for the first time. Illustrated by Marc Boutavant, of course. An exception for an exceptional artist.



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