Mia and me - Ankunft in Centopia

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At the center of the series is the 12-year-old girl Mia, who, After his parents after an accident are regarded as missing, must find a boarding school. All you have left from the parents are a bracelet and an old book about unicorns in a country called Centopia, which her father used as a basis for his last video game project. By chance, Mia makes a fantastic discovery: With the aid of the bracelet and the book, she can get from the real world into the CGIanimiertes paradise Centopia, where she becomes a beautiful elf and finds out that she can communicate with the unicorns. But the paradoxical Centopia and the unicorns are in danger, because the insidious Queen Panthea, leader of the Munculus, urgently needs the ivory of the unicorns to extend her own life cycle or even become immortal. It is now up to Mia to save the fantastic world of Centopia and the unicorns. Content: CD 1 with the two episodes: 1. Arrival in Centopia 2. A new hope



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