Mara und der Feuerbringer

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The story of the fourteen-year-old Mara Lorbeer, who is to be the last Germanic seer to prevent the demigod Loki from breaking free of his bonds, achieved cult status in the communities of fantasy, LARP, gaming and medieval friends. Tommy Krappweis created a funny and exciting story with a unique main character that you simply have to like because of its quirky nature and filmed Volume 1 even for the cinema. As a scientific advisor, Prof. Rudolf Simek ensured that all facts about the Teutons and their gods correspond to the current state of science. Volume 1 contains a complete subject index by Prof. Rudolf Simek, volume 2 the literature / music / web tips and volume 3 the bonus story "Kampf dem Bampf". The revised complete edition enables a new generation of readers to discover MARA and their adventures for themselves - and at the right time, because the author is already writing volumes 4 to 6.



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