Lippels Traum - Ein Leseprojekt

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Simplified and abridged bestsellers in children's and young adult literature

Reading fever instead of fear of contact!

The abridged and simplified version of the novel "Lipples Traum" by Paul Maar

The perfect class reading with text comprehension tasks, solution booklet included!

Who are Asslam and Hamide, with whom Lippel is wandering in the sandstorm through the desert, two children from his class, or Prince and Princess from the East? It is an exciting adventure that Lippel dreams of and is in the middle of it. Or is it not a dream at all? Each chapter opens with a text-free illustration and closes with tasks and exercises that ensure the understanding of the text. Both content and linguistic aspects are discussed. Gaps, pictures and words, problem-oriented questions, exercises and other playful exercises support lively reading support lessons. A solution book is included.



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