Jack, der Monsterschreck und die Zombie-Party!

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Every boy's dream: Monster hunt instead of school! Playing Minecraft and eating pizza was yesterday! The city was overrun by zombies. Suddenly Jack feels like he's in a "Let's Play" video. He was just a normal teenager. Now he has to fight off the undead with his gamer friends and his dog - lucky that his video games prepared him perfectly for the zombie apocalypse! But suddenly the monsters seem to migrate. An eerie screeching magically attracts them. The trail leads to a very strange pizzeria. And Jack learns more about the monsters than he would like ... About the Netflix original: The action-packed books! Comic novel: Short chapters, amazing turns of phrase, simple sentences and funny pictures on every page Tension, humor and action: The ideal gift for action fans from the age of 10 Adventure with a lot of speed. The perfect book also for everyone who otherwise does not like to read Extra -Motivation: There is a quiz for this book at Antolin, a fast-paced adventure by bestselling author Max Brallier.



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