Indigo Arbeitsheft - Deutsch als Zweitsprache

Indigo Arbeitsheft - Deutsch als Zweitsprache

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The workbook German as a Second Language is ideal for working with study groups who want to expand their vocabulary and language skills. The children and young people learn subject-related, to understand words and short sentences, to speak themselves and to ask and answer questions in conversation, to read and write. The workbook can be used regardless of grade level and age. Based on the 15 topic chapters of the picture dictionary (my family, at school, numbers and arithmetic, colours, friends from all over the world...) the respective vocabulary is introduced systematically, used in sentence patterns and deepened in dialogues. The material can be used together in class, but the workbook can also be used independently, a solution booklet is included. The topic-related vocabulary in the dictionary is based on the DaZ guidelines of all federal states. The descriptive dictionary is ideal practice-oriented exercise material!



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