Ghostsitter - Vorsicht! Poltergeist!

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Tom not only inherited  a saucool ghost train from his uncle, but also a bunch of ghosts. Vampire Vlarad, Werewolf Welf, Zombie Wombie, Mummy Hop-Tep and Ghost Girl Mimi keep the fourteen-year-old quite busy. When a full-moon night Welf absolutely has to go out, and Vlarad is a super-nasty skunk for his blood dose, to which he mutates, and the whole ghost train is full, Tom is already on the edge of despair. When at night it all of a sudden rumbles, rattles and sighs and a mysterious shadow is sighted several times, the chaos is complete. Apparently, ghosts can also be afraid of ghosts! And a crazy ghost hunt of the other kind takes its course ...

Edition Roter Drache



Weight: 484 g

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