Ente, Tod und Tulpe

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Eventually, each child poses the question of death. Completely unaffected. All parents know this and rarely have an unbiased response ready. In Wolfsbrunbruch's duck, death, and tulip, death is a light-footed companion, always there, you just can not tell. The duck had long felt so much. "Who are you, and what are you creeping after me?" "Nice to see you at last," said Death. "I am death." The duck was startled. She could not be blamed. "And now you're coming to get me?" "I'm already near you, as long as you live just in case." "In case?" Asked the duck. "Well, if anything happens to you. A bad cold, an accident, you never know. "... You never know but you know that in Wolf Erlbruch's poetic pictures and stories the big questions are simple answers: for small and big.



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