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+++ The small elephant Elmar is different from the other elephants. He is colorful and not at all elephant-friendly. But that makes him so popular. Elmar does not just look colorful and cheerful. HE IS! And with his good humor and his cheerfulness, he keeps the elephant herd and all the other animals in the jungle quite busy. This interdisciplinary literature workshop is also one of the famous elephants of McKee. With the help of the exercise materials, the children write Elmar stories and memorabilia to his friends, weave elephant patterns in colorful colors, Make dolls and dummies, or calculate entirely according to the elephant type. In short, Elmar is going to the school! With this workshop lesson, reading is just fun. The Papphefter with the many illustrated worksheets and copying templates is therefore excellently suitable for the promotion of reading in the initial lesson and at the same time strengthens the class community, because Elmar's history makes it clear to the pupils: no one can be excluded. An elephant workshop, which makes everyone an Elmar fan!



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