Die Kellerschnüffler

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A blind boy as a gang member? That’s not possible! But then it turns out that Samuel has skills that are very valuable in solving a case ... When Benni and his friends meet the strange boy with the white stick for the first time, they make fun of him. Soon Benni falls off the bike and the boy with the strange look helps him. Only now does Benni find out that Samuel is blind and befriends him. Benni also takes Samuel to the meetings of his gang, although some of the group still reject the blind. Then bicycles disappear from the basements of the district at night. When looking for traces together, Samuel's well-trained sense of smell is a great asset of the gang: the blind boy can literally "sniff out" important information. Through thorough research and a trap, the children manage to catch the thieves in a gripping finale.



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