Die drei !!! - 1,2,3 - Abenteuer!

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Two exciting cases for reading plus an original radio play! Kim, Franzi and Marie are "Die drei !!!". The three friends investigate boldly and cleverly and are up to the task. Exciting adventures lead Kim, Franzi and Marie on the trail of a legendary treasure, dark secrets and clever thieves .. Devilish cell phone - The devil is loose at Marie's school. A youth organization mobilizes against dangerous cell phone radiation and not only offers the students guaranteed radiation-free cell phones, but also an exclusive membership in a youth club. But when thefts are piling up at school, Die drei !!! noisy. Is the mysterious youth organization behind it? Franzi, Kim and Marie begin to investigate and more than once put themselves in great danger ... Hunt for prey at the ghost lake - At Kim's godmother there was a break-in, but strangely nothing was stolen. It seems Kim, Franzi and Marie in Spanish, and so the three detectives immediately start the investigation. They quickly come across a legendary treasure and a dark secret in the life of Kim's godmother. A dangerous race against time begins ... Spooky at the lake (radio play) - When rumors arise that an uncanny figure is up to mischief in the old mill on the lake, Die drei!!! of course, the investigation immediately. But what they discover one night freezes with terror: something sticks out of the lake's water surface, glistening in the full moon light. Is it really ... a hand ?!



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