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Where did the elephant fall from the suspension railway again? What is the Germans' favorite hobby and where is the Zugspitze actually?

Young journalists have put together informative, funny, interesting and curious things about Germany and its history in such a way that children can have fun! Namely clear, to the point and illustrated in a modern way.

About nature and the environment, people, art and culture. But also about economics and politics. Who can decide why and what actually is a society? What is the Basic Law and how can I get involved? About blatant heroes and cool pictures, about poets and thinkers, about the life of yesterday and today. And all 16 federal states are presented in a nutshell.

A lexicon, a manual, a compendium, a guide! And definitely a book that gives you a lot of aha-moments.

Everything you want to know about Germany 


Alles, was du wissen willst, 1949-2019. 70 Jahre Bundesrepublik Deutschland




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