Das Übungsheft Lesen 8

Das Übungsheft Lesen 8

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Being able to read fluently and really grasp textual content is one of the most important key qualifications in elementary school. However, improving the reading skills in grades 5 to 8 stays important. The booklet helps with precise reading. As well as the recording of content. And especially the targeted extraction of information. Reading skills are deepened with a lot of fun. Short, exciting, narrative texts. Age-appropriate factual texts, instructions, reports. Non-linear texts (lists, site plans ...). Step-by-step instructions for text processing and understanding the text: Step 1: Get an overview Step 2 : Clarifying unknown words Step 3: What is it exactly? Step 4: Working with the text The students will find a clear, self-contained learning unit on four pages, which consists of a text and various associated tasks. The text is sometimes a longer text unit at the beginning, sometimes divided into smaller reading portions distributed over the chapter.



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