Cowboy Klaus und Kaktus Krause

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Cowboy Klaus is in a bad mood: he has to shave the cactus forest. That would be only half as bad, if not in the forest not also Cactus Krause would wait for him. Cactus Krause is the prickly and ferocious cactus of all, no one is as mean as he is. Cowboy Klaus has no choice: his girlfriend Rosi and Pig Lisa send him relentlessly out into the cactus forest. With all the many spikes, no one else would come to visit. But what is it? In the cactus forest there is not the usual rest. Suddenly a racing cuckoo and then a strange man race past Cowboy Klaus. This distraction is just right for the cowboy. He quickly rushed the two after. The man turns out to be a hairdresser named Denni Knuddeldut. He has important errands in the cactus forest, because he needs snake venom for his rare hair tinctures. It begins a wild hunt through the cactus forest, which ends in Klaus' misfortune in the middle of the head of cactus Krause. Fortunately, Denni Kunddeldutt knows exactly what to do. And at the end of the day, even cactus fronds must leave hair



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