Gallien in Gefahr

Asterix - Gallien in Gefahr

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Does the sky fall on Asterix's head? The heavens loom ominously over Gaul! There is a strange silence around the village of the indomitable. The calm before the storm? A day that begins with dead wild boars does not bode well. Obelix sees himself withdrawn from his livelihood and his friend wearing a winged helmet combines razor-sharp: Something is rotten in Gaul! The bad suspicions come true when Asterix and Obelix return to the village: Nothing stirs! Rigid like statues, their friends puzzled them. Automatix, Verleihnix, Gutemine, Majestix - the whole village seems petrified. The whole village? No! A druid well known to us staggered weakly from his house. A struggle for explanations begins. What is the cause of this unprecedented disease? So much can be revealed: In the end there will of course be another banquet under a starry sky - a sky that doesn't fall on anyone's head!



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