Willkommen in Deutschland-Deutsch als Zweitsprache I – Das Übungsbuch


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Welcome to Germany-German as Second Language I – The Exercise Book


German as a second language 1. With the syllabled exercise book, all children between 6 and 12 years can develop a basic vocabulary and grammar structures independently and playfully. even without prior knowledge of the language! Complimentary offerings online as supplements that handle these topics. Presentation, numbers, colors, school, animals (zoo, house, farm, forest and meadow), my body, clothes, healthy and sick, family, birthday / toys / Playground, excursion, festivals in the year. They cover the topics of the curricula for “German as a Second Language”. The sticker reward system is an additional incentive for the children. The child can stick a sticker into a hidden object for each page. Includes the solution booklet for quick self-checking for more independence .


Susanne McCafferty|Tina Kresse






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