Star Wars Galaktische Kreaturen

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3rd reading level – The material stories of the third reading level are perfectly suitable for kids from the second and third school class. On 128 pages each there are exciting stories in primer script and with many pictures – great reading food for reading professionals!


“Star Wars (TM) Galactic Creatures” introduces the creatures from the Star Wars (TM) universe – like the peaceful Tauntauns and angry wampas or powerful sea monsters and dangerous arena beasts. Reading professionals learn exciting information about the living space and the abilities of the creatures here. The Superleser! Books combine the best of non-fiction and narrative books: exciting stories are supplemented by interesting background information – so the fun, but also the learning effect is not neglected! The books are available in three reading levels: yellow for beginners, green for first-time readers and blue for reading professionals. At the end of each volume there is a quiz with questions about the text as well as hints and tips for parents on how they can best support their child in learning to read.







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