Der Bus von Rosa Parks


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Nominated for the German Youth Literature Award 2012


Ben is disappointed when his grandfather just wants to show him an old bus in the museum. But then he listens spellbound to the story of Rosa Parks. In 1955, his grandfather was sitting in this very bus next to Rosa Parks when she refused to clear her seat for a white man. And this brave no should move the whole world! A very child-friendly lesson in moral courage with great pictures in the style of American realism. Ben often finds his grandfather a bit awkward and thinks that sometimes he is no longer completely at ease. But when he tells Ben his story and that of Rosa Parks in the museum in Detroit.  Ben sees the world with completely different eyes. Rosa Parks’ arrest sparked the rise of the black civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King in the United States.

Fabrizio Silei succeeds in narrating this important episode in the history of America’s black population in a child-friendly manner and in conveying a sense of the injustice that it means to be treated as a second-class person because of the color of one’s skin. And Maurizio Quarello resurrects America from the 1950s in his large-scale paintings that are reminiscent of Edward Hopper.







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