Coolman und ich – Helden des Schulbasars

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Great fun for all primary school levels. Learn to read with “Büchersterne” for the 1st grade.

Large font, short sections of text and lots of pictures that support the understanding of the text by reading beginners. There are 16 pages of reading puzzles and reading games in the appendix.


When men work! Kai’s class is making for the school bazaar. Finn and Kai try a kite first. Sure, COOLMAN gets involved and knows everything better. His kite is a dangerous, fire-breathing creature and naturally flies the highest. The two boys’ dragons are reminiscent of a green elephant, and it also floats away from them. Then try it with chestnut males! COOLMAN persuades her to make nasty monsters instead. And they turn out to be a bestseller at the bazaar!







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