Antonia war schon mal da


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This beautiful rhyming story takes little explorers into the exciting world


When good friends go traveling, there is a lot to see along the way. The little beaver and his friends Bundspecht, amphibian and hedgehog think so too. Quickly picked up Antonia and let’s go out into the big wide world! What they did not expect: Antonia is not in the mood. Not only that, she also cheekily claims that she has seen the world a long time ago. So the four of them get on their socks without their girlfriend. How great is their astonishment when they discover: whether high in the mountains or in the depths of the sea … Antonia has already been there! Patrick Wirbeleit’s happily rhyming story takes little explorers into the exciting world on their doorstep, the has never been so beautiful as in Max Fiedler’s loving hidden objects.







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